WritingMaster is a comprehensive writing guide for college students and other writers. It is written and maintained by Dr. Yaron Ayalon, assistant professor of history at Ball State University.

I started WritingMaster in 2005 (then called “Yaron Ayalon’s Writing Guide”) as a basic tool to help students in the humanities improve their writing. I redesigned and expanded the site in 2010 to include more topics and real-life examples from papers submitted in my classes (anonymously, of course). WritingMaster is the third version of this writing guide. It is now enhanced with more in-depth explanations and social networking capabilities.

The goal of WritingMaster is to help students write better college papers, and, more broadly, to help them become better writers. That many young adults struggle with writing – an inevitable result of too little reading and new forms of written communication that have abandoned all formal rules of language and style – is no surprise to anyone teaching at the secondary or college level. Indeed, universities have recognized this generation’s writing challenges by setting up writing centers that offer writing-focused courses and a place for students to bring in their papers and receive feedback on their writing. WritingMaster aims to be a different “writing center”: it offers much of the knowledge one needs to develop a strong college paper; and with occasional updates and the option to submit questions for others to answer via comments or facebook, it will become a powerful tool for students to use while writing papers. For more on what WritingMaster can do for you, read the FAQs section.